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What are the factors that need to be updated in the processing of automotive parts?

Automotive parts are the various units that make up the entire car and a product that serves the car. There are various types of car accessories, and with the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption of cars is also increasing, and the market for car accessories is becoming increasingly large. In recent years, automobile parts manufacturers have also been developing rapidly. So what are the factors that cause updates in the processing of automotive parts?
1、 Try to use sealant as much as possible, and if necessary, use paint instead to achieve the ideal sealing effect;
2、 Before assembling rubber seals, the appearance quality should be carefully checked; Use specialized tools for pressing to avoid deformation due to knocking;
3、 Add lubricating grease according to regulations, regularly clean and unblock ventilation holes and one-way valves, etc;
4、 Assemble under extremely clean conditions, with no bumps, scratches, burrs, or other attachments on the working surface of the parts;
5、 Strict operating procedures, seals should be installed correctly to prevent deformation if not in place;
6、 Master the performance specifications and usage requirements of sealing components, and promptly replace failed components;
7、 For thin-walled parts such as edge covers, sheet metal cold work correction is used; Shaft hole parts that are prone to wear and tear can adopt processes such as metal spraying, welding repair, adhesive bonding, and mechanical processing to achieve the original factory size;
8、 The nut should be repaired or replaced with a new one if the thread is broken or loose, and tightened to the specified torque.